These days, with a simple Google search, you are likely to see hundreds of DIY documents and videos on TV repairs. In a bid to save money or just out of curiosity, you may be lured into attempting a repair of your TV by following some of these guides or tutorials.

This is not advisable. You spent good money acquiring that TV set and it is unwise to use it as an experimental tool. For your own safety and the durability of your appliance, a TV repair is better handled by a competent hand. Also, it saves you a lot of time, money and energy,

You Don’t Understand The Basics: Think about this, a TV technician spent years getting trained to acquire the skills and then spend some more years on the job gathering experience and competence. You cannot therefore expect that you can do what he does by simply watching a five-minute (or even a one hour) video or by reading a book. You certainly cannot give what you don’t have and are better off getting professional help.

You Risk Danger from Excessive Voltages: Opening up your TV to attempt a repair is definitely not advisable. That lovely and harmless looking TV of yours contains electronic circuits that can generate high voltages in excess of 30kV. This is enough to cause electrocution or, at the least, bodily harm. Why would you want to risk that? It is much safer to switch it off and call for the assistance of a competent repair person than trying a quick fix.

The Possibility of Damaging Delicate Internal Parts: Your TV components are delicately soldered together and you may accidentally damage any of them if you are not careful. Apart from this costing you more than you bargained for, it may cause irreparable damage to your TV set and necessitate the need for a replacement.

The Possibility of Buying Fake Replacement Parts: Attempting a DIY repair of your TV set exposes you to the possibility of using sub-standard replacement parts. One implication of this is that the part may get damaged again within a short period and then you will need to replace again. In the long run, you end up spending more than money than if you had engaged the services of a repair technician.

Another possible implication is that you expose your TV to further damage or being damaged beyond repair. Unless repair is done by an authorized TV repair technician, once you disassemble your TV, you may risk voiding your warranty. Be sure to check with your warranty documentation before proceeding.

Wrong Diagnosis: Since you do not have the requisite training or experience to handle TV repairs, the chances of making a wrong diagnosis is quite high. This would mean attempting to fix a non-existent problem and possibly causing further damage when you don’t get the result you expected. It is always better to fix issues right, the first time as it saves you valuable time and money.