Albuquerque TV Repairs

Hugo’s TV & Appliance Repair offers in-home and in-shop Albuquerque TV repairs for all brands of televisions. There are times when it makes sense to repair a television instead of buying new, and we are here for you when this happens. With over 40 years of experience, we’re familiar with the different options available for repairing TVs and saving YOU money!

If you’re experiencing trouble with your TV, don’t rush to the store to spend thousands of dollars on a new one! It’s likely that we can make a quick repair so that you can get back to streaming your favorite shows while paying a fraction of the price!

When TV Repairs in Albuquerque NM are Worth it

TVs have come down in price, which is why some people believe that it’s better to buy new. However, not all television sets are cheap – some still cost thousands of dollars. Depending on the issue, your TV can be repaired for just a couple hundred dollars or less.

So when does it make sense to hire a company in Albuquerque for TV repairs? Some common and inexpensive issues to fix are:

  • Backlight issues
  • Input problems
  • Reception problems
  • Loose or broken cord jacks

Honest Feedback. Affordable Repairs.

Are there times when it doesn’t make sense to repair your TV? Yes. Things like cracked and damaged screens or complex electrical issues will typically cost you more than half the price of a new television. We also tell our customers to consider the age of their TV. If it’s old, it’s probably time for an upgrade with new technology.

Keep in mind that we offer fast turnaround times for all TV repairs in Albuquerque NM. Find out how much a repair will cost before making your decision. You might be pleasantly surprised by how affordable TV repairs are – and how quickly they can get done!

Call Us to Repair Your Television

If your TV is facing any issues, give Hugo’s TV & Appliance Repair a call today. We provide in-home and in-store repairs, and our repair techs are highly trained and experienced. They are familiar with the latest trends in technology and are comfortable working on LCD, LED, plasma and DLP televisions.

Contact our repair team in Albuquerque for TV repairs that are fast and affordable!