Albuquerque Large TV Repair Services

There is no reason to let a malfunctioning TV ruin your entertainment experience when our dedicated professionals can restore your large TV to its optimal performance. Choosing us for Albuquerque large TV repair services means you get the highest quality service on 70”+ TV repair and more.



Our experienced team knows that successful large TV repair services in Albuquerque NM require using the right tools and equipment. Your technician will come equipped with the latest technology, allowing them to diagnose and fix any large TV issues.

  • Excellent Customer Support – We understand your large TV is a big financial investment, so we are very careful while handling the equipment. Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions and provide updates, ensuring that you are informed and satisfied with our service.
  • Warranty and Out-of-Warranty Repairs – Our Albuquerque large TV repair services come with a warranty, providing peace of mind for our customers. If your TV is out of warranty, we offer affordable repair options and competitive pricing. We have access to a wide range of large TV parts, making it possible to repair even older models.
  • We Save You Money – Our technicians are skilled in troubleshooting complex issues and finding cost-effective solutions. We aim to extend the lifespan of your large TV and save you money on unnecessary replacements.



Our large TV repair services in Albuquerque NM are usually more cost-effective than buying a new one. An expert evaluation can help you make the right decision, so we provide you with:

  • Honest assessments of the repair feasibility
  • Cost of any repairs compared to the TV’s value
  • A replacement if your TV is beyond repair or the cost is not justified
  • A loaner TV as a temporary solution



We offer flexible scheduling options for Albuquerque large TV repair services to accommodate our customers’ busy lives, including in-home repair or convenient pick-up and drop-off. Give Hugo’s TV & Appliance Repair a call today at (505) 249-9182 or email with any questions or concerns.